"Beer Grown Here"
That's right! Along with growing hops I also grow and malt my own barley. Out of approximately 175 New York State Breweries, less than 5% malt their own barley. Less than 3 Breweries also grow their own barley. I'm happy to be part of this elite group! Check out the 'How to Malt' page for more info.

Where's my beer

Due to the high demand in my tasting room, my beer can only be found at the following establishments. We just upgraded our system so hopefully we'll be back into your favorite bar soon! 

Copper Turret                                                                            Erie Canal Brewing Co.
17 W. Main Street                                                                      135 James Street
Morrisville, NY 13408                                                                Canastota, NY 13032

The Party Source
2646 Erie Blvd E.
Syracuse, NY  13224