The Tasting Room and Contact Info

The phone # to the tasting room and brewery. 
This is through Google Voice, texting doesn't work. Please leave a brief message and I'll call you back asap.

We are OPEN!!
Saturdays and Sundays
12:00 to 6:00 pm

Our Address is:
2001 Delphi Road
New Woodstock, NY  13122

 If you're heading South out of Cazenovia on Route 13 (heading towards New Woodstock). Turn left on Delphi Road (the next road after Critz Farms). The Brewery is located on the left, there's a sign out by the road. The Brewery is located in a barn out back behind the white house.

At the Tasting Room you will enjoys samples of Henneberg Brewing Co. beers as well as other finely crafted beer from other New York State Farm Breweries. After the sampling you can enjoy a mason jar of beer (or several) or take home a growler for later. 


  1. When will you be closing for the season? I would really like to make another trip out before you close up til spring.


    1. Hello! Yes we are closing for the winter. Our last day of business will be December 20th and we'll reopen at the beginning of April. Over the winter we'll expand our Tasting Room and increase our tap handles in bars and restaurants. Thanks for you support!

  2. I've heard some rumors you may extend your business hours to Thursdays and/or Fridays in the summer - is this true, and if so, do you have a time frame that would start?

    Can't wait to drop by!