"Beer Grown Here."
That's right! Along with growing hops I also grow and malt my own barley. Out of approximately 220+ New York State Breweries, less than 5% malt their own barley. We grow Lavender for a Wheat beer, Mint for a Mint Chocolate Porter, Lemon Balm for a Double IPA, and many others. I also make my own tap handles (cut from trees out back in the woods). Be sure to check out my Tasting Room and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. #beergrownhere

My Beers

Right now Henneberg Brewing Co. and Tri-Valley Beverage 
are distributing the follow beers:

Cazenovia Common
a.k.a Caz Common
This California Common style beer has a nice dark color with a slight maltiness and an excellent hop flavor. The characteristic woody and earthy notes are typical of Northern Brewer hops. A slight 
hint of chocolate help make this beer 
very delicious and very drinkable.
5.5 % Alc. by Vol.
63 IBUs

Farm House Pale Ale
This American Pale Ale is brewed with a selection of malt that I baked special for this beer, they help provide a nice malty flavor. Dry hopping adds a citrusy hop 
aroma and flavor.
Crisp and clean round out this Pale Ale.
5.25 % Alc. by Vol.
40 IBUs

Big Cock IPA
Henneberg means 'Chicken Farmers on the Hill' and the biggest rooster rules the roost. We raise chickens so naturally this Big Cock rules the IPAs.
6.7% Alc. by Vol.
 95 IBUs

The following beers are either seasonal 
or only found in my tasting room:

Country Pumpkin IPA
This Pumpkin IPA has a great Hoppy
Bitterness with the perfect amount of
Pumpkin and spice. The Pumpkins are 
grown right at the brewery.
6.5% Alc. by Vol.
(fall seasonal)

Gallagher's Irish Style Stout
This Irish Style Stout has a rich, smooth taste. A lighter mouthfeel makes 
this a very drinkable beer.
6% Alc. by Vol.

(tasting room only)

Mint Chocolate Porter 
Mint + Chocolate = Deliciousness! This Porter has a perfect balance of mint grown at the brewery and chocolate malt.
5.6% Alc. by Vol.