"Beer Grown Here"
That's right! Along with growing hops I also grow and malt my own barley. Out of approximately 175 New York State Breweries, less than 5% malt their own barley. Less than 3 Breweries also grow their own barley. I'm happy to be part of this elite group! Check out the 'How to Malt' page for more info.

My Beer

Right now Henneberg Brewing Co.
 is specializing in these great beers:

Cazenovia Common
a.k.a Caz Common
This Caz Common has a nice amber color with a slight maltiness and an excellent hop flavor. The characteristic woody and earthy notes are typical of Northern Brewer hops. The beer has a slight creaminess and just a slight hint of chocolate. 
Very delicious and very drinkable.
5.5 % Alc. by Vol.

Farm House Pale Ale
This American Pale Ale is brewed with a selection of malt that I baked special for this beer, they help provide a nice malty flavor. Dry hopping adds a citrusy hop aroma. Crisp and clean round out this Pale Ale.
5.25 % Alc. by Vol.

“Malting and mashing grain are fairly involved processes. However, the malting of grain and the extraction of sugars from it are only a part of the beer-making story. It is amazing that this whole process was figured out without the knowledge and aid of modern science. I guess this says a lot for trial and error and pure blind luck. Barley can be used to make soup etc., but this somehow seems sick and perverted. The only proper use of barley is to make beer.”
-Scott Stihler